About Amyr


For decades, the Indian jewellery industry has seen a vacuum in the niche of contemporary and innovative jewellery creations for men. Amyr is a jewellery company curated for the modern man aimed at revolutionising fine men’s jewellery with its radical style and unique design-centric approach to crafting distinct and personable pieces for the fashion-forward gentleman. Audacious, determined, bold, and versatile, Amyr is the embodiment of the discerning man looking to make a statement. The name 'Amyr' is borrowed from the Arabic word, meaning 'prince' in English, and this perfectly represents the brand’s philosophy. As the first Indian fine men’s jewellery brand, each of our original creations represents the confidence, worldliness, and individuality of the contemporary man.

What truly sets Amyr apart is our creative ethos. Our designers take their inspiration from various contemporary and historical elements of masculinity, which are then brought to fruition through bold jewellery made in sterling silver and cast in three-dimensional print moulds to ensure impeccable levels of detail and finishing. Our jewellery is offered in up to four plating options including 18 karat yellow gold, 18 karat rose gold, white rhodium, and black rhodium, with a bespoke customisation and engraving option. 

The result is that each individual piece of jewellery is made to order as per the exact specifications of the customer - a piece that is uniquely individual to you.